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Why should I visit Wellness Pharmacy Services for an infusion?

Extensive Medical Personnel

At Wellness Pharmacy Services we staff highly trained Infusion Nurses (RN) who administer infusions. They are backed by our Medical director who oversees all infusions to ensure you are getting the best care possible. WPS also provides a team of in house pharmacists who are there to explain any medication related concerns every step of the way.

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Hospital-Grade Pharmacy
With our infusion center located on our pharmacy campus, you can be sure that your infusion was safely compounded in our highly regulated USP 797 clean room. Your infusion will be made and brought directly to your infusion suite all without the hassle or having to wait for delivery.

Flexible Appointments 
With the stress of daily life, why add on any more for an infusion? Wellness Pharmacy Services is here to take the stress out of appointments. We offer flexible, convenient hours to work around your busy schedule. Weekend and evening hours are always available. 

Comfortable Infusion Suite
Here at our suites, you'll be warmly invited to our comfortable leather recliners. We offer personal TVs to catch up on your favorite shows while enjoying complimentary snacks and beverages. Make our infusion suite your home away from home. 

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