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Strip Pouches
  • Available in unit dose and multi-dose pouches

  • Each pouch contains the patient name, description of drug, and administration time (many other custom fields are available)

  • Easy pull-and tear pouches reduce med pass times while eliminating the repetitive strain injury that comes with punching pills from blister cards.

  • Provides for variable and shorter cycles:
    2-2-3 day, 3-4 day, 7 day, 14 day, 30 day, etc.

Punch Cards (Bingo Cards)
punch card.jpg
  • Widely used and called by many names such as punch cards, bingo cards, and blister cards.

  • Available in unit dose and multi-dose blister cards

  • Comes in Weekly cards (Mon-Sun by administration time) or Monthly cards (by day of month counted forward or backward)

  • Each card contains a prescription label with all the information needed such as patient name, description of drug, and SIG.

Dispill® Multi-dose
  • Ideal for patients at home or at facilities where a full time nurse is not needed.

  • Each pack is color-coded by morning, noon, evening and bedtime doses so you'll always know exactly when to take the medication.

  • Each blister cell is perforated and detachable so you can tare off what you need providing convenient medication on the go.

  • A good replacement for traditional pill boxes.

STAT / First Dose Solutions
  • Depending on the needs of your facility, we provide a variety of STAT and First Dose solutions.

  • Traditional Emergency Kits can be stocked and check on by a consultant pharmacist.

  • We also offer the option to install Pyxis™ type machines.  These machines give access to a wide variety of medications including controlled substances with PIN and Biometric security features that ensure regulatory compliance.

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