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Connectivity to eMARs and EHRs

We understand technology is important to facilities.  It can decrease time spent managing medications while increasing quality, simplifying and clarifying communication,  and fostering an environment of compliance. Our Pharmacy software can connect to many systems such as Accu-flo, CaraSolva, CorEMR, Eldermark, ECP, iMar,  MediTab, PointClickCare, QuickMar, VorroHealth, Yardi, and others.

Financial Stewardship

We can help keep your costs down by being financial stewards to patient funds, facility funds, non-covered Medication Part A funds, and third party payer funds.  We'll track generic  drug dispensing, therapeutic substitutions, and medication reduction strategies with an on-site consultant pharmacist.  We offer quick resolution to address non-covered medications and along with accurate and on-time deliveries.

Customized Dispensing

As an independent pharmacy, we have the ability to customize medication packaging and delivery schedules to suit your needs.  We offer multi or single dose pouch packs or punch cards along with Dispill and traditional vials.  E-boxes and Pyxis type machines are also part of our offering.

Survey and Regulatory Requirements

We understand the highly regulated nature of the health care industry.  We can help you stay compliant and on top of the latest changes.  Our consultant pharmacist will participate with your quality assurance programs and committees.  Our team will also provide needed information for facility audits and surveys.

Business Reporting

Having the right data is vital to good decision making.  Let us help support you by providing metrics to help facilitate an environment of continuous quality improvement.  Need a running charge of Med A costs, dispensing history, a full chart review, or data for a survey?  We can help!

Hospice Services

We have a dedicated team that handles the specialized needs of hospice care. We work closely with physicians and nurses to dispense medications to treat pain and other symptoms. We'll setup a comfort kit and use in-house drivers to deliver STAT meds in a timely manner.

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